Every Member Visit

  • Posted on: 23 September 2017
  • By: Pastor

Pastor Schneider would like to get to know you and your family better. Please consider scheduling a personal visit with him to share some time and a devotion with you. If you have any blessings to share or concerns to raise this is a great time to do that. The visits may be conducted either in the comfort of your home or at church.

You may signup online, at church, or call us.

History of St. Andrew's

  • Posted on: 28 October 2013
  • By: Pastor

The congregation of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church was organized by eleven members on June 22, 1947.  During the first years in which they gave glory to God, services were conducted in the basement of a home, in rented halls, and in the present church basement.  These humble facilities served as places of worship during the initial ten years of the congregation.

What We Believe

  • Posted on: 20 October 2013
  • By: Pastor

John 3:16 has been called the gospel in a nutshell—and for good reason. In that one verse we're told all that we need to know for our salvation. God loves us. He sent his Son to die for us. Believe it. So why do we need any further statements of belief?