• Posted on: 12 November 2014
  • By: Pastor

Advent is the time of year just preceding Christmas. The word Advent means "coming". In this season, we particularly focus on the Old Testament prophecies that pointed God's people to the coming Savior. Looking back at these promises, it helps us prepare to celebrate again the Savior's birth on Christmas.

The advent wreath is used by Christians as a way of symbolizing the coming of Jesus, the light, into the world.

Beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas an additional candle is lit each week. On the first Sunday one candle is lit. On the second and so on until all four are lit the Sunday before Christmas. If there is a pink candle, it is usually the third candle. The progression of light represents the coming of the light into the world.

The circle of the advent wreath represents eternal life. The circle is eternal with no beginning and no end.

The candles represent the sources of the good news of the coming of Jesus. They are called the Prophet's candle, the Bethlehem candle, the Shepherd's candle (pink), and the Angel's candle. Jesus is the good news that came through the prophets, was born in Bethlehem, was witnessed by the shepherds and proclaimed by hosts of angels.

Sometimes the candles are called candles of hope, love, joy (pink), and peace. This tradition focuses on the nature of the good news. It is news of hope for the future, the love of God, the joy of the Spirit, and peace on Earth.

During advent, we have Sunday worship as usual at 9 AM, as well as a short series of special Advent services on Wednesdays at 4:30 and 7:00. There is also a meal in between services on Wednesdays so that everyone can spend some time together. We invite you to join us!